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What is a Download

What is a Audio or Video Download?

A download is a transfer of light energy, data or activations from one place to another.

The download is further defined as an energetic program or instruction set that specifies:
  • What the instruction set is intending to accomplish.
  • When the instruction set begins, how fast it processes and at what intensity or duration.
  • Where the download is occurring: time, space, dimensions and other lives or realities.
  • How to remove any veils or blocks to the instruction set.

A “Audio or Video Download” is identical in effect as it would be with an “in person” session, where light energy, data, process and/or activations are involved or transferred.

In the case of downloads from this website, the “Download” is embedded into the video.  The “Download” automatically transfers from the video being watched to the viewer. In most cases, the “Download” transfers through a series of hand gestures located within the download scene.  However, in some cases, this transfer may happen instantaneously and as soon as the video begins.  Please note that in the case of a FREE download, an instantaneous download transfer will never occur. This is because all FREE downloads contain an “opt-out” provision that is provided prior to receiving the “Download.”

A download is consistent for everyone and everyone who watches a “Download Video” will receive the light energy, data, process or activations.

The “Download” is received on a higher level of consciousness.  It also processes and activates on that same higher level of consciousness.

As the “Download” occurs, people that are more energy sensitive may feel the energy as the download takes place and some people will not feel anything.  Regardless of whether or not you feel the energy, everyone will receive the “Download.”

The “Download” will begin processing, activating and/or releasing on the night you watched the video and after you have fallen asleep.  Again, those people that are more energy sensitive may feel some additional energy on the first and possibly the second night when they go to sleep. This is very common and it will pass after a night or two.

If you purchase a Download video, you are purchasing the “download” as defined above. The video is merely a medium for delivery, much like what an envelope is to a letter, or what a cardboard box is to a purchased and shipped product.

The download videos on the ChakraConsciousness website are digital media and are downloaded from our website to your computer via the internet.  The term download is being used for transferring light energy (activations and / or release) and is also being used as a term for the transfer of digital media over the internet.