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Remote Healing

What is Remote, Distance or Absentee Healing?

We will be using the term ‘Remote Healing’ in this explanation, although the terms Remote, Distance and Absentee are used interchangeably throughout the healing profession.  Let us start with the basics and define distance healer.

According to the dictionary we have the following meanings:
Remote: distant in space, or time, or distant in connection, or location
Distance: a degree or amount of separation
Absentee: one that is absent, not present, not attending
Healer: one who assists in healing
Healing: to make or become healthy again

For this web site, the meaning of remote healer is: an Individual who assists in the healing of someone at a distance. A remote healing session may be done when the practitioner and client are both individually anywhere on earth. 

 Advantages of a remote healing session:

  • They are easier to schedule in different time locations.
  • You are in the safety of your own home.
  • You do not have to travel a great distance to meet with your practitioner.
  • You will be more relaxed and open in your home.

Who actually does the healing? The client does the healing, with assistance from spirit/source energy (or whatever you choose to call that which created yourself and our universe). A remote healer merely facilitates and coordinates the healing process, whether the client is human or animal.

The approach and protocol used in remote sessions is the same as those done in person with local clients.  The distance from practitioner to client can range from just off the body to all the way to the other side of the earth. Remote healing enables the practitioner to work beyond their immediate place or location.  Remote sessions are just as effective from a remote location as sessions done from the practitioner’s office.  It means that the practitioner and client do not need to be in the same room in order to achieve optimal results.  Just picture the energy transmission (sent and received) of a cell phone, television, radio or satellite dish.

Everything is energy in one form or another; everything has a vibrational frequency. Everything from a rock to light has vibrational frequencies; denser objects merely vibrate at a slower rate. The building blocks of what we call reality are atoms and various particles that make them up and are free moving. All are defined by science by their energy characteristics and potentials. Vibration is energy, and energy is a neutral force that moves anywhere it is directed.  When it comes down to it, all healing is “energy or energetic healing” because everything is energy. 

How does healing occur?  All healing is a rebalancing of the body’s cells and physical and energy systems regaining their proper functions and proper balance and flow. Everyone has the natural ability to heal or balance themselves, no matter what state of disease. Strictly speaking, nobody can ‘heal’ another; Remote healers simply facilitate the healing process by identifying and clearing the obstacles to harmony and balance.  Remote healing can work on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Can remote healing work for people and animals?  Yes.
All living things have physical laws, involving vibrations, frequencies and balance, by which they operate.  Life vibrations and frequencies are common to all living things and are subject to the same universal laws of nature.

Have studies been done?  Yes.
There have been hundreds of double-blind studies conducted by different agencies within the US government and the health industry. The most famous of these was a study of 393 patients in the coronary care unit at San Francisco General Hospital who were divided into two double-blind groups. Over the ten-month study, one half received remote healing from several groups, and the others received nothing. There was significant statistical benefit in the remote healing group for faster and better recovery and fewer deaths.

The United States Army has published volumes of positive studies and information on remote healing and effects of remote stimulus on the body.  One well-known Army study involves placing cheek cells from a donor in a test tube. With the cells remotely located, probes were hooked to both donor and cheek cells. When a stimulus was applied to the donor, the cheek cells in the test tube reacted. This supports the theory that matter can be affected remotely.

Remote healing theory is being clinically studied in places such as California Pacific Medical Center, and recent studies were also funded by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

There are many excellent tools and healing modalities for spiritual growth and physical healing offered on this website.  Some of these techniques include DNA Activation and Expansion, Chakra Consciousness®, Divine Matrix Light-Body and Axiatonal Activation, Matrix Energetics, and Usui Reiki.

More than 60% of my client base consists of distance work with individuals across the country or globe, and neither I nor my clients have found a drop-off in effectiveness because of the distance that separates us. 

How to Set Up a Remote Healing Session

First, your practioner will need to connect with you. This can be done in a few different ways. When we do a distance session we work with your essence or energy body. When we call in your essence, we can use a picture (preferred method) or we can use your full name, birth date and mailing address. This enables us to zero in on you, do the work you have requested us to do, then disconnect from your essence and energy body.  Remote healing energy automatically disconnects when the healing session is complete.

Step 1.
Send an email with the following information: Name and postal mailing address and include in the email a recent digital picture (or camera phone picture). Include what service(s) you desire and email to;

Step 2.
Pay remote session fee online with PayPal (which offers Visa and MasterCard).

Step 3.
After receiving your registration information and fee, we will set up an individual remote healing session date for you.  We will notify you by email the date of your session and email you again once the session is complete.