Spiritual Copy Protection

Spiritual Copy Protection, a Higher Form of Copy Protection

All of my videos contain “Spiritual Copy Protection,” which is a new higher level form of video Copy Protection.  It incorporates truth, honor and intent as the foundation for allowing or not allowing the download videos to perform their intended clearings and activations.

The premise behind the truth, honor and intent is that you cannot circumvent the truth, or deceive spirit (spirit knows all).  All downloads take place on a higher-level where spirit, truth and honor reside and emotions and energies such as deception and manipulation do not reside or have any power.

Spiritual Copy Protection accomplishes two things:

First; it prevents video downloads from this website from activating if the video has not been honorably purchased.  This applies whether the download video is intended for the purchaser or is being gifted to someone else.  This particular aspect does not apply to my FREE download videos.

Second; it prevents other people/practitioners from using these downloads or download videos originating from this website for personal gain without our permission.

It is important when purchasing a download video that you have a clear intent and understanding of what you are purchasing and for whom it is intended.  We recommend that you only purchase downloads for yourself to avoid confusion. 

If you desire to purchase a download for someone else, be sure to discuss it with them prior to purchasing the download video. Make sure you are both clear on the desire and intent of the subject matter of the download video.  It complicates matters to purchase a video with one intent (or person in mind) and then change the desired intent after the purchase.  We recommend that if you desire to purchase a download video for someone else that you gift the other person with the purchase price and have them make their own purchase.  This avoids intent confusion.

Once a video is purchased, the video is viewed and the download has taken place, the purchase agreement between you and this website is now complete.

If for some reason a download video is purchased and has not been viewed by the person that it was originally intended for, there is a simple procedure to change the intent of the purchased download.  Simply “state aloud” to the universe your “new intent” for your purchased download.  It may be helpful to write out your new intent on a piece of paper, simply to help clarify your intent in your mind before speaking it to the universe.  Your new download intent will then be honored and your downloaded video will now activate for its new intent.

Downloaded videos are nonrefundable / nonreturnable.  Be clear on your intent and desire regarding who the video is intended for before purchasing.  If you have any doubt at all, do not purchase the video until clear intent is established.

We provide a “Free DNA Activation” download video (with additional free downloads coming soon) so that people may try this new download process and activation experience.  If, after trying one or more “free downloads” you still have doubt about these download videos contained on this website, then we recommend that you do not purchase any of them!

These download videos and their resulting expansion of consciousness are not for everyone. If you are not drawn to these download videos, they are probably not for you at this time. Please check back in a few months and see if you are then drawn to these downloads.  Again, the downloaded videos are nonrefundable / nonreturnable.