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MarvinChakraConsciousness ® was founded in 2009. After 15 years of local experience, Marvin decided to open our healing and spiritual growth services to the English speaking world. We are holding a vision of creating an experience that would heal the physical, emotional, karmic and spiritual bodies of growth-oriented people.

Marvin is committed to assisting with spiritual growth and well-being of humanity. Marvin has committed himself over the last 28 years to learn and share the most advanced techniques as an energy worker/healer and emotional/karmic release facilitator. He is also a teacher of expansion of consciousness and has been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery since 1994.

His journey began in his early twenties, when he came down with chronic fatigue. He spent the first year of the condition pursuing traditional allopathic healing concepts with no noticeable benefit. An old friend suggested that he try a “natural doctor”, and the results were so rapid and amazing that he started studying many forms of holistic health care. He earned certifications as a nutritional consultant (CNC) and as an herbalist. Around this time, he was also introduced to emotional release work and energy work during his healing process, both of which he found absolutely fascinating.

During his quest to heal himself and continuing long after, Marvin’s studies included many energy healing modalities such as: Reiki, Miracle Healing Technique, Light Align/Light Aware, Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics. His studies also included many emotional and karmic release modalities such as; One Brain, New Pathways, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Transformational Formatting and finally culminating with ChakraConsciousness.

He has continued to learn and explore the fields of emotional release, karma release, energy healing and DNA clearing, activation and expansion.

With the intent to serve humanity to the fullest, he has developed one of the most advanced emotional and karmic release modalities currently practiced on the planet — ChakraConsciousness. Parts of this modality were gained from other teachers and other modalities, but much was channeled from higher sources. As an intuitive innovator, Marvin continues to expand his consciousness and that of his clients. Marvin feels this work is the main reason he incarnated on the planet at this time, and it is this work that he has brought to assist humanity in their quest for growth and consciousness expansion.

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