Christed Attunement

The intent of the Christed Attunement is to provide an expansion of all your energy centers. With this expansion, you will allow and receive a greater flow of source energy. Another way to say this is: you will allow and receive a greater flow of the Creator’s Love.

By allowing and receiving more source energy, you will automatically purge the lower dense frequencies and energies, thus expanding and evolving your consciousness to its next level of awareness.

The overall vibration of your soul is a sum total of all your energetic frequencies which includes both high and low frequencies.  When you purge the lower dense frequencies, your overall energetic vibration increases and this raises your soul vibration to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

This Christed Attunement is a one year download and we recommend that you watch the video once a month.  The expansion process takes about 4 to 6 weeks, but an equivalent resting and rebalancing period is always required before an additional expansion can take place.  If you have not had sufficient time to process and integrate your previous Christed Attunement, then nothing will happen.  If you are ready for an additional expansion, then the process will repeat itself when you watch the video again. 

As you process this download your frequency is going to increase.  As your frequency increases, both your physical body and non-physical bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic & etheric) may detoxify to support your new frequency level.  The physical body detoxifies by releasing toxins, and your non-physical bodies detoxify by releasing dense energies.  Keep in mind, since the Christed Attunement has a built-in safety element, you will not begin a new expansion process until all parts of self are ready to expand again.

Remember, the download is only active for one year from the date of purchase.  Be sure to mark your calendar so that you will know when your year is complete.  For more information on the download activation intent, please see the Spiritual Copy Protection web page.