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The website for your evolution of consciousness and spiritual growth needs.​

We focus on the expansion and evolution of consciousness, while supporting the physical, emotional, and mental processes along the way. ChakraConsciousness is a leading-edge website that empowers individuals to achieve optimal spiritual growth, optimal health, wellness and clarity in all aspects of their lives. We have pioneered a new paradigm of using video media to effectively distribute the “evolution of consciousness tools and processes” to the world. These tools and processes are streamlined through videos containing energetic downloads that include: activations, coding sequences and/or releases embedded within the video itself. This exciting new medium of energy exchange covers a full range of topics for the expansion of consciousness. We invite you to experience this new modality for yourself!

ChakraConsciousness offers services that support the individual regardless of where they are geographically or evolutionarily. Services are provided by energetic downloads, or traditional in-person, telephone or remote sessions.

Evolution of Consciousness Services include:

  • Emotional and Karma/Karmic Energy Release (ChakraConsciousness)
  • DNA Activation and Expansion (Free 12 Strand Activation)
  • Multidimensional Energetic Matrix Expansion (Divine Matrix)
  • Healing Work (various modalities)
  • Soul Retrieval and Relationship Release
  • Munay-Ki Rites Activation
  • EMF Protection

Click our “Services” button to see our complete list of services and how we can best support you on your path! Click our “What is a Download” for complete information on our download videos.

With the intent to serve people to their fullest, we have developed one of the most advanced Emotional and Karmic release and clearing techniques currently available on the planet, the modality called ChakraConsciousness®. It employs all the latest techniques in emotional & karmic release, akashic records and DNA clearing, when combined, result in a dramatic and rapid expansion of consciousness.

Marvin is also a teacher of expansion of consciousness processes and has been a reverend of the Universal Life Church Monastery since 1994.

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