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Frequent Asked Questions

Q: The videos on the ChakraConsciousness website look almost identical. Are the downloads really different?
A: Absolutely!  Each video has its own individual download pertaining to that video topic.  The download hand gestures contained within each video were meticulously recorded for each specific video topic activation and/ or release.  The hand gestures contain all the instructions and/ or codings required for each process to fully manifest itself.
The video is the digital medium that is purchased on the website and contains the download that is transmitted through the hand gestures.  The different downloads are always transmitted on a higher level of consciousness when the videos are viewed.
This digital product is actually a service that is identical to what a person would receive during an in-person or remote healing session where these particular activations and /or releases were transmitted.

Q: Will I receive the video on a DVD through the mail?
A: No; The video downloads on the chakraconsciousness website are digital media and are downloaded from our website to your computer via the internet.  The term download is being used for transferring light energy (activations and / or release) and is also being used as a term for the transfer of digital media over the internet.

Q: Will I ever need to get updates for downloads on this website?
A: NO, not physically!  Whenever I update a process or download, that update is immediately broadcasted to everyone that has already received that specific download.  The download is broadcasted on a higher level, so that it is received and processed automatically.

Q: Will I ever need to repurchase these downloads?
A: You will only need to repurchase the downloads that have time limits (one month or one year downloads).  This only applies to a couple of the downloads on this website such as the Crystalline Energy Balancing.  Most downloads can be watched as often as one desires and may be updated periodically on a higher level (as explained in the previous question).

I recommend that you watch these download videos at least twice a year for two or three years. As people throughout the planet watch these download videos, a morphic (quantum) field of higher consciousness is created. The greater this field becomes, the faster and more profound the release or activation.
This is the same paradigm as the 7000 person ‘coherence group’ morphic/quantum field concept. The shift and power that this critical mass group creates is very substantial and changes can happen very rapidly. A ‘coherence’ group the size of the square root of 1% of its population would be invincible. This number of people for the world would be about 7,000 (the exact population is unknown).

Q: Why do these releases and activations take so long to complete?
A: The physical body is always the limiting factor!  If we didn’t have a physical body we could process these downloads very quickly.  All of the downloads on this website are set-up to process as fast as they can without adversely stressing the physical body. The main variables in your processing speed would be: your age, vitality and toxicity level.
As you process these downloads, your frequency is going to increase. As your frequency increases, your physical body must detoxify in order to support your new frequency level. The speed at which you process these downloads will be a very individual thing and one that is solely dependent upon the current state of your physical body.

Q: Do people repeat Chakra Consciousness?  What do you recommend after Chakra Consciousness and your other activations are complete?
A: The Chakra Consciousness downloads contain 11 steps/processes.  The 11th session will “clear” all remaining frequencies (emotional & karmic) that are not contained within the list of 10 categories.
Once you have completed all 11 Chakra Consciousness steps/processes you will have released a tremendous amount of emotional and karmic energy that will continue to shift your consciousness dramatically for some time.  Currently, there is no frame of reference for the effects of this amount of work completed in such a condensed time period.

Some people choose to receive further consciousness expansion downloads such as: DNA activations, Divine Matrix Activations (Axiatonal System & Light Body Activations), Christed Attunement and Crystalline Energy Balancing (with more downloads coming).

Some people that are not as aggressive seem to like to “wait and see” how they feel after 6 months before committing to additional consciousness expansion.

Q: With the Chakra Consciousness work, how long will it take for me to release my anger?
A: The Chakra Consciousness work is slow, gentle and gradual. It ranges from 6 months to 18 months, but everyone processes at different rates/speeds within their own personal time frame.

Q: Your website says, “….much was channeled from Higher Sources.” What sources do you mean?
A: The DNA and Chakra Consciousness work (and many of my other activations) have a lot of input from the “Lords of Karma”.  This group includes many Pleiadian beings (about 40%), Sirian beings (about 30%) and Ascended Masters (about 30%).
Some of the Ascended Masters I work with on a regular basis and who have input on my work are:  Sananda & Jeshua, Kuthumi, Hilarion, St. Germain, Ganesh, Merlin, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, San Fuji, Metheus, Solomon, and a few others who pop in and out occasionally. I also work regularly with Archangels Michael, Metatron, Raphael & Raziel.  All of these Beings know me and my work well.

Q: When we do this work, are we releasing the emotional karmic energy created only on Earth or also on other planets?
A: “Karma” is an Earth reality only. Karma is not experienced on other planets or in dimensions above the 3rd.

Q: Can you do Chakra Consciousness for someone already deceased?
A: Yes, and the deceased can process extremely fast because they do not have physical bodies. I have also done Chakra Consciousness for “baby souls”; they can process almost instantly because they usually do not integrate fully into the physical body until birth.

Q: Is the energy that needs to be released from ‘all my lives’ enormous?
A: The amount of lives is irrelevant; it’s the amount of energy accumulated that is the key.
The amount of lives only means that you have had more time to accumulate adverse emotional and karmic energies. Whether or not the energy is “enormous” is very individual and subjective state. Once a person is committed to shifting their consciousness and clearing this energy, they will evolve.

Q: It seems that I didn’t evolve as well as I’d hoped, although I’ve lived so many times. Am I stuck with the many problems/energies of all these lifetimes?
A: No. Though beings/souls that have been here a long time usually do have more emotional & karmic energies to deal with (or to work through) because of the amount of time they have had to accumulate it, it only appears like they are at a disadvantage to newer souls.  Regardless of the number of lifetimes, once the emotional & karmic energies are cleared, your evolution will take quantum leaps.
The clearing of these emotional & karmic energies (along with many other soul growth activations) is what the Chakra Consciousness website is all about.  You would not have found this website if you were not ready to make a “leap in consciousness”.

Q: Which DNA Activation is best?  12, 144 or 1152?
When you do the 1152 DNA Activation, do you have to activate the 12 Strand DNA first and then activate the 144 and 1152?
A: If you purchase the 1152 DNA Activation, you will receive all three DNA Activations since the 1152 is an extension of the 144.  Since we are residing in the 3rd Dimension, the 12 Strand DNA Activation is still needed at this time. You can download the 12 Strand DNA Activation for Free on my website or you will get it automatically with either the 144 or 1152 Strand DNA Activations. Visit the DNA webpage for complete information on all three DNA Activations.

Q: My DNA was activated by another person. Do you have to reactivate it again?
A: It actually takes me longer to look at someone else’s work and determine if everything is complete then it does for me to do activation.  I usually do the activation again in case something is missing.

Q: When the ancestral past lives in my DNA and akashic records are updated, will my siblings’ DNA also be updated since we share the same ancestry?
A: No. You will only be updating “your” ancestral records. Think about it like a computer- you and all of your siblings have shared a document and you each have it stored on the hard drive of your PC home computers. If you go in and change “your” document, does that automatically change the documents on your siblings’ computers? No, it has only changed for you; your siblings still have “their” original document.

Q: Can you tell how many lives I’ve had on Earth and other planets?
A: I see karmic and emotional energies that are grouped into time/space segments. These energies (karmic & emotional) are grouped with like-frequencies and like-time/space coding sequences during time periods of Earth’s evolution. There are large gaps in the time segments that are only explained by the concept of planetary cleansing within the 3rd Dimensional “linear” timeline.  It appears that, on average, there are about 100 lives within a time segment. However, this can vary between 50 to 150 lives.

Q: Can my child receive the Chakra Consciousness work?
A: If you desire your child to receive the Chakra Consciousness work, it will not cause any harm. Additionally, receiving the Chakra Consciousness work will give your child an opportunity to begin life without the distraction of emotional and karmic energies.

Q: If I clean up my karma, will it automatically clean up my akashic records as well?  Or if I clean up my DNA, will it automatically clean up my akashic records? I am trying to understand this and I really want to clean up all the bad karma from my DNA and akashic records, etc. as much as I can.  I do not want to repeat these patterns in my present and future life.
A: The karmic and emotional energy is cleared from the DNA, akashic records, heart center, master cell, inner child & four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental & karmic bodies).  Once the energy is cleared, then the akashic records, heart center and DNA are updated to reflect those changes.

Q: When I receive Chakra Consciousness, will my son receive Chakra Consciousness as well?
A: That’s your choice.  If you want your son to process along with you, he can.  Children under the age of 6 are always free- just set your intention for them to process with you!  A child between the ages of 7 to 13 must pay the standard download fees, but the parent(s) make the decision/choice for them.  At the age of 14, the child must make their own choice as to whether or not they wish to receive the download. Also, children 14 or over must pay the standard download fees.

Q: If I do the DNA Activation, will my son receive the activation as well? And what happens if he doesn’t need to be activated?
A: Nothing gets activated that does not require it.  If he’s already at an evolved DNA state, then he would not receive anything.  You are correct that many children are currently being born with their DNA already evolved/activated and don’t require any activation work.

Q: Can you activate my family’s DNA as a gift from me through the download process?
A: Any adult (spiritually considered anyone 14 and over), must make their own decision and initiate their own work. Parents make the decision for children 13 and under.

Q: When I receive your download, do I have to sit down and be in meditative state?
I have a three and half year old son and I can’t sit down when he is awake.
A: It is best if you are relaxed and in a quiet, still or meditative state.  Find a time when you are relaxed and can be fully present and centered for the download process.

Q: Your website seems to encompass many types of modalities and consciousness expansion tools. How and why were these tools created?
A: I put together the Chakra Consciousness work to “finish the job on myself”; I have always been my biggest client. Since I have been working and experimenting on myself for almost 20 years (and putting all my past-life knowledge into the work also), the work is continually updated and improved. It has been my mission to remove all the past life energies that are prohibiting me from being the best that I can be.  Because I can see what is “really” working and what is not, using the work on myself has allowed me to bring forth a very holistic and complete system that seems to cover the areas needed.

Q: How long does it take to complete the eleven Chakra Consciousness categories?
A: Everybody is slightly different and processes at different speeds. The download is set up to process each category independently/ one category at a time. It generally takes 2 to 4 weeks to process a category before moving on to the next. The eleventh step of clearing “all remaining” energies takes the longest.

Q: How much emotional & karmic energy is cleared by the Chakra Consciousness work? How much can I expect to release?
A: The 10 main categories removes 50% (give or take 10%); the 11th session clears out the rest. The end result is in the range of 90 – 95% released or cleared.

Q: I was told that you have to clear karma from your ancestors up to 7 generations for both paternal and maternal sides.  Is this correct?
A: There are a lot of different beliefs about this kind of stuff.  When I pulled the above statement (about clearing 7 generations) into my heart center, it did not feel right.  My guides are telling me that it’s dependent upon the level of energy in a particular life.  If the energy was extremely strong, it can require going back 12 generations. As a general rule, I would say about 5 generations back will take care of most energies.  The Chakra Consciousness work is not limited; it goes back as far as it needs to clear all the energies involved.