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Energy Balancing

Crystalline Energy Balancing Download

The Crystalline Energy Balancing Download is for the purpose of re-aligning all parts of self with the traditional light energies along with the increased levels of photon energy and the new crystalline energies now coming to the planet.

As the planet dances along in its evolutionary journey, it jumps in frequency levels as it evolves.

There are many reasons for the planet’s energetic shifts:

  • Man-Made Electromagnetic Energies (5G, WIFI, EMF)
  • Ascension symptoms
  • Proximity within the photon belt
  • Planetary alignments
  • Eclipses
  • Solar flares
  • New crystalline & photon energy grids coming on line
  • Evolution of man’s mass consciousness
  • Man’s group consciousness – Attractor patterns and fields
  • Moving or shifting into the fifth dimension
  • Mother Earth’s own evolutionary process

What does all of this mean to the people on Earth?

These shifts create constant energetic challenges to maintain balance and harmony.  This mainly manifests in the physical body in the form of flu-like or cold symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, restless sleep and/ or emotional highs and lows.  Many people are also experiencing extreme heart discomfort as well as other physical discomforts.  In general, the longer the imbalance is left unresolved, the greater or more intense the physical discomfort and/ or symptom(s) become.

These symptoms generally do not respond well to physical remedies because the origin of the condition is NOT physical, it is energetic.  If the symptoms are ignored long enough, infections as well as conditions like sinus and lung congestion may occur.  Although these symptom(s) may be relieved with physical remedies, the underlying origin or causation (energetic imbalance) is still present and will continue to manifest undesirable physical symptoms.

After receiving the Crystalline Energy Balancing Download, it takes the body approximately 2 to 3 weeks to come into balance and integration with these new energy levels.  In addition, this energy will continue to increase in intensity for the next few years.  With each shift or increase of energy on the planet, the body will require some level of realignment and rebalancing.

For this reason, the Crystalline Energy Balancing Download is available in two different forms: a one month or a 12 month download.  The balancing effects of the download will continue on an ongoing basis for the duration of the purchase period.  Therefore, a one month download will rebalance your body every day for 30 days and a one year download will rebalance your body every day for 365 days.

Remember, the download is only active for 30 days or one year from the date of purchase.
Be sure to mark your calendar so that you will know when your download time frame is complete.  For more information on the download activation intent, please see the Spiritual Copy Protection web page.

In addition to the Crystalline Energy Balancing Download, the physical body can also be greatly supported at home during these ongoing energetic shifts, thus diminishing some of the symptoms.  

 This kind of self-care would include:

  • Grounding all parts of the physical body, including all organs and glands.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids such as water and other clear liquids not containing caffeine. The proper fluid amount for this purpose would be half your body weight in fluid ounces. For example, a 150-lb person should drink 75 fluid ounces per day.
  • Taking Epson salt baths or sea salt baths. It’s best to alternate between the two.

The ability of the physical body to adjust to these energies is greatly enhanced with all of the DNA Activations found on this website.  These DNA activations include: the FREE 12 Stand Carbon Based DNA Activation and the 144/1152 Crystalline Based DNA activations.  Receiving these activations gives the body a much greater frequency range and ability to adjust to the Earth’s energetic changes. Because these shifts can be extremely rapid and intense, the physical body has the ability to adjust much more quickly after receiving the DNA activations.  Please see the DNA Activation webpage for additional information.