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ChakraConsciousness® is one of the most advanced emotional and karmic (karma) clearing and release methods currently practiced on the planet.  This modality is the cornerstone on Marvin’s work and was the foundation and driving force of his current life’s purpose.  It employs all the latest techniques in emotional, karma, akashic records and DNA clearing and release work that result in a dramatic and rapid expansion of consciousness.

The overall vibration of your soul is a sum total of all your energetic frequencies; this includes both high and low frequencies.  As emotional and karmic energy is cleared, the release process increases your overall vibrational frequency, raising your soul vibration to a higher level of consciousness.

On a physical level, most illness and disease are reflections of the negative emotional and karmic energy you need to clear. By clearing your emotional and karmic past, you allow the body to return to its natural state of perfection, re-establishing energy flow in the body.

This emotional and karmic energy is stored in the form of energetic patterns, and energetic pattern groups.  In addition to emotional and karmic clearing and release, there is also the clearing and release of consciousness patterns, inner child patterns, ego patterns, thought patterns and habit patterns that do not serve the higher good.

Patterns are cleared or cleaned up from within the DNA, akashic records, heart center, inner child & four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental & karmic bodies). There are six bodies in total but the spiritual and etheric bodies do not seem to store these energies.

Patterns are accessed through the chakra system and DNA.  Accessing these energies through the chakra system is why this system is called ChakraConsciousness.

Karmic and emotional energy patterns are stored from each life in the DNA, akashic records, heart center, inner child and four lower bodies.  These energies are carried over to future lives until the emotional or karmic energy patterns are released.

Karmic and emotional energies are grouped into time/space segments.  We can and do go to other time/space segments like Lumuria, Rama, Mu, Atlantis, etc, time/space civilizations.  We can go to any time/space segment that is a priority for your growth in the present time.

Karmic and Emotional Energy Pattern Sets or Pattern Groups are groups of like frequency patterns.

Energetic Patterns are cleared or released from the following Levels:

Level 1:  Present Life Emotional and Karmic Patterns
Level 2:  Past Life Emotional and Karmic Patterns
Level 3:  Ancestral Emotional and Karmic Patterns
Level 4:  Societal & Social Emotional and Karmic Patterns
Level 5:  Incarnate Family Group (sometimes called Karmic Family Group) and Soul Group Emotional and Karmic Patterns


 The Main Categories of Karmic and Emotional Energies:

  1. Spirituality – Religion, Worship, Wizardry, Sorcery, Occult
  2. Relationships – Love, Sex, Rape, Betrayal, Family, Communication, Support
  3. Abundance – Prosperity, Wealth, Humility, Greed, Lack, Poverty, Starvation
  4. Health – Death, Trauma, Hurt, Pain, Misery, Suffering, Grief, Peace
  5. Freedom – Imprisoned, Slavery, Repression, Control, Addiction, Independence
  6. Abandonment – Separation from Source, Family and or Community, Trust
  7. Burden – Obligation, Responsibility, Approval, Acceptance, Forgiveness
  8. Fear – Doubt, Expectations, Limitations, Judgments, Beliefs, Criticisms
  9. Hate – Killing, Murder, Anger, Rage, Hostility, Prejudice, Sexism, Racism
  10. Failure – Disappointment, Beaten, Defeated, Frustrated, Disempowered, Patience
  11. Clear all remaining energies and patterns not included in the 10 main categories

Additional Information:

  1.  The clients are doing the work; Marvin only facilitates, instructs and assists (mostly on a higher level).
  2. The ChakraConsciousness work can be greatly enhanced by DNA Activation and Expansion work found on this web site under the “DNA Activations” button. This work allows for a much greater flow of energy and faster releasing of Karmic and Emotional energy patterns.
  3. The end result of the ChakraConsciousness work is the rapid expansion of consciousness. Once your total self (totality of all of your bodies) achieves a clearing of its emotional and karmic energies, it is at that point that ascension to higher planes of existence is possible and can take place during your present lifetime.

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