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Remote – Distance or Absentee Healing

What is Remote, Distance or Absentee Healing? We will be using the term ‘Remote Healing’ in this explanation, although the terms Remote, Distance and Absentee are used interchangeably throughout the healing profession.  Let us start with the basics and define distance healer. According to the dictionary we have the following meanings:Remote: distant in space, or […]

ChakraConsciousness Pattern Therapy

ChakraConsciousness Pattern Therapy ChakraConsciousness® is one of the most advanced emotional and karmic (karma) clearing and release methods currently practiced on the planet.  This modality is the cornerstone on Marvin’s work and was the foundation and driving force of his current life’s purpose.  It employs all the latest techniques in emotional, karma, akashic records and […]

Energetic DNA Transfer

How might DNA Transfer from one person to another and how does that apply to the QT? IntroductionMuch of the first four paragraphs below are information from the book, The Contagion Myth, by Thomas S. Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell (see references below). If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. […]